New Method Vapor Full Lineup Review






I absolutely love reviewing the offerings of local eliquid makers. Love it. Competition breeds excellence, and there is a lot of competition here in the Phoenix area that’s consistently having that exact result.

That’s certainly the case with New Method Vapor Company and the five liquids they generously provided for this review.

These liquids were generously provided for the purpose of review by New Method Vapor, and were tested on a 0.5 ohm dual coil build of twisted 28 gauge Kanthal A-1 with Cottonman Angel Hair organic cotton wicks. The build was powered at 33 watts on the Cloupor ZNA 50 regulated variable-wattage APV.



The presentation of New Method Vapor’s eliquids is very nice. Cobalt blue glass bottles with child-resistant pipette caps make for an eye-pleasing and functional base, while the labels are nicely arranged.

The label sports a color-accented white background. The name of the company appears in swooping amber text and takes top-center billing, while the name of the liquid in the bottle is variable in color — same typeface as the company name — and appears centered at the bottom of the label.

The PG/VG ratio appears in the furthest top left corner, while the nicotine strength of the liquid appears opposite, in the top right on the central image area. To the right of the central image area, the right-most margin of the label, appears a vertically-oriented ingredients list, nicotine warning, and the URL for the vendor,

Overall, a very attractive presentation.


Common Characteristics

The majority of the characteristics shared by all five liquids in this lineup are the result of their common PG/VG ratio, which is 30 PG, 70 VG.

The visual characteristics of this liquid in motion is that it is on the thicker side, with a smooth, straight horizon and strong ripple effect in the rotational test. (Conducted in a clearomizer due to the size of the label and the dark cobalt glass of the original bottling.)

Throat hit on all these liquids is substantial and rapid, while visual vapor output — on the build in which these were tested — is simply outstanding. Every hit produces a lot of vapor — very, very dense vapor, with huge body that takes its time about dissipating into fine, fluffy lace.

Let’s get down to cases.


25 To Life


New Method Vapor says: “Rich peanut butter and banana cream smothered with tasty caramel and silky cream. Tastes so good you’d kill for more.”

I love a good peanut butter/banana combo, and 25 To Life scratches that itch like a champ. The nose on this one is well rounded; I detect savory peanut butter and sweet banana in equal measure, with caramel and cream laying on top like a soft blanket.

The flavor mirrors this layering to a T. The inhale is all about that peanut butter and banana, with the contrast between the two flavors executed beautifully; the exhale through the medium finish is all about the caramel and cream. Overall, a pleasantly well-rounded vape.

I would — and this is no hyperbole — compare 25 To Life favorably with Five Pawns’ Grandmaster.




New Method Vapor says: “Ripe strawberries, juicy peaches, fresh pineapple, and a twist of key lime all fused together. Nothing short of amazing.”

That description is right on target, on every point. But what the description above doesn’t tell you is just what dominates, and where. The nose is predominantly strawberry and citrus thanks to the key lime. That nose carries through to the vapor’s flavor carriage into a room, which means that nobody, but nobody, is going to raise a fuss if they detect it. Feel free as a bird to vape this one around nonsmokers.

That flavor is amazing. They really could not have come up with a better name for this liquid, because the name Amazeballs so completely and neatly fits that it just snaps right into place.

Fairy Tale


New Method Vapor says: “Sweet butterscotch and creamy vanilla custard, so dreamy it is too good to be true.”

Opening the cap on this and getting a good inhale of the nose, this one is all about butterscotch custard, true to the description. And it doesn’t muddy the water at all on that point. That first deep inhalation of the scent here is all about very, very rich sweetness.

The flavor reveals that there’s still no unnecessary complication getting in the way. From the inhale to the throat hit, you get just what the description and the nose promise. Over that solid throat hit and through the exhale to the medium finish, the butterscotch steps aside and lets that very creamy vanilla custard settle gently.

This one is a very pure dessert indulgence.

Goin’ Ape

New Method Vapor says: “Ripe bananas, a touch of butterscotch, and smooth cream. It’ll make you go bananas.”

The nose on this one is almost nothing but banana — the same sweet, creamy banana I get from 25 To Life, but without the savory contrast of the peanut butter.

Instead, what we have here is the rich, almost dark sweetness of the caramel from Fairy Tale.

Let me take just a quick digression here to explain something you’ll have noticed just now, and that’s going to continue to be prominent into the next flavor: Starting with this one, we begin to deal with variations on established themes. Whether Goin’ Ape or 25 To Life came first, they are undeniably related flavors.

And there’s nothing at all wrong with that.

Some folks only like banana with peanut butter. Some folks only like it without. (I’m actually in the former group, personally.) So related but different flavor profiles are not a con for me; they’re a pro.

The inhale on Goin’ Ape is smoooth, velvety sweet banana, and this is a high quality banana, too, not a candy facsimile. It’s on the exhale where I get the caramel as a strong hint, almost as an aftertaste in the long finish.

Now, as mentioned, I’m not a big fan of banana by itself — but this liquid is perfectly okay with me; it’s that good. If banana cream is your ADV, this is a strong contender for inclusion in your rotation.


Paper Umbrella


New Method Vapor says: “A cocktail of caribbean mango, sweet strawberry, and hints of exotic fruits. Can you hear the ocean now?”

The answer is: Very definitely. For me, the nose on this one reminds me of one of the first party drinks I ever tried back in… well, I’m not going to show my age here or confess to any underage delinquency. Let’s just say a long time ago.

That drink was called Jungle Juice, and the tangy mango contrasts the sweetness of the strawberry, along with hints of other fruits that I almost want to tag as grape and apple, to recreate that scent.

The inhale brings the perfect fusion of the strawberry and mango in a refreshing rush, while the exhale fades into a long finish which is where I pick up what I interpret as the grape and just a ghost of apple.


Recommendation & Conclusion

So would I recommend New Method’s offerings? Absolutely. I know I tend to recommend almost all of the eliquids of local vendors; the reason is that, through some fluke of luck, the Phoenix area has what I have observed to be the single strongest concentration of skilled and talented creators of eliquid anywhere in the country.

But each of them seems to have a slightly different focus. With Friend or Faux, for example, their focus was on a retro presentation that extended to the choices of flavors. With BRV, the presentation and the flavor selection also followed a theme, though a slightly different one, and that theme also carried through to the choices of the flavors offered.

The same is true with New Method. These are flavors which are seemingly chosen to be refreshing for hot summer days, as is the case with Amazeballs and Paper Umbrella, to be rich, indulgent desserts, as with 25 To Life and Fairy Tale, or to strike the perfect middle ground between, as with Goin’ Ape.

Digression over. So, again, do I recommend New Method Vapor? If these flavor profiles are ones you enjoy, absolutely and without reservation.

In the Phoenix area, you can purchase New Method Vapor’s full line at Butt-Out retail locations. Outside the Phoenix area, you can purchase New Method from their web site at

Their liquids are available for $22 (plus sales tax at brick and mortar, or plus shipping online) per 30ml bottle. Nicotine strengths available are 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg and 18mg.

As always, thanks for reading; until next time, do good work and be good to yourselves and each other.

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