Cotto’s Revenge: “Vendetta



I’ve been blessed to cover some of the finest eliquids and eliquid makers of the Phoenix Metro area in these pages before. Every new lineup fills me with joy and pride that it’s come from (or from near) my own hometown. It should be no surprise that I’ve greeted every subsequent release of a new liquid with anticipation bordering on the fannish. They are that good.

Today’s review is no different; it’s of a new offering from Joe Cotto of Cotto’s Revenge. I covered the full lineup back in December of last year. I gave high marks to each and every liquid in the lineup, and with — from my perspective — good reason. Each and every one of those liquids was masterfully blended, brought amazing flavor and performance to the table, and did all that at a very competitive price point. Well, if you’re the type of reader who likes to get right down to the bottom line, this is for you: Vendetta from Cotto’s Revenge is fully in keeping with that tradition.

Vendetta was generously provided for the purpose of review by the man himself, Joseph Cotto. Let’s get down to cases, shall we?


Testing Notes

Cotto’s Revenge “Vendetta” arrived in 3mg nicotine strength, with a 10% PG/ 90% VG blend. It was tested in both the Infinite CLT V2 sporting a 0.5 ohm single coil build at 40 watts, and in the Kanger Subtank Mini fitted with a 0.5 ohm OCC atomizer head and powered at 25 watts on the IPV Mini II APV.




Vendetta Bottle


The presentation of Vendetta is very nearly identical to the presentation of the rest of the Cotto’s Revenge lineup. It differs in only one significant aspect: While the 30ml clear glass pipette-topped bottling of the rest of the lineup sports a white label with a black-and-red color scheme for the text, Vendetta sports a black label with a cream-and-red color scheme.

In keeping with the rest of the lineup, the center area of the label is reserved for the cowboy-hat wearing skull logo, with the text “Cotto’s Revenge” appearing just to the right of that, snug against the right-hand margin of the label. Along the bottom of the label, a nicotine strength matrix counts from left to right: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, and 12mg, with the strength of the liquid in the bottle hand-marked with felt-tipped marker. Immediately to the left of the nicotine strength matrix is an invocation for the user to like Cotto’s Revenge on Facebook. Above that, snug against the left-hand margin of the label, is a brief warning regarding the hazard of ingesting nicotine and warning against allowing exposure of nicotine to children and pets.

Overall, the presentation here is minimal but very professional and very attractive. It does just what it needs to do, without being ostentatious about it. My one suggestion for improvement would be the inclusion of child-resistance in the cap on the bottle. But, being a single fella with no tiny tots tearing around the place, this is not a subjective con in my book personally.


Cotto’s Revenge Says:

     Cotto is seeking vengeance and the target is your taste buds.  Vendetta bursts with unique flavor, with its sweet, creamy blend of vanilla and custard, mixed with juicy acai berries, and a splash of brandy for a little extra kick.  Like all Cotto’s Revenge flavors, it has been oak barrel aged for 2 weeks to finish the flavor, and ensure that it is ready to vape fresh from the bottle.



The hue of Vendetta in the bottle is between champagne and gold, but leans toward pale gold. The 90% VG of its PG/VG blend is very, very easily discernible in the rotation test, which shows an immaculate horizon but powerful ripple effect and even modest color saturation in the wake. This is a very thick liquid — but it might surprise you to learn that it is nevertheless very low-impact on coils, leaving almost no residue even after extensive use.

This makes it extremely friendly toward the coil heads of sub-ohm clearomizers like my Kanger Subtank Mini.



Open the cap of Vendetta and take a few quick sniffs, then a deep, deep inhale. What you’ll get is likely to be rich vanilla cream paired with a powerful note of aged brandy. There is a berry scent lingering, but it’s in the background lending just a spark of tartness to the nose here.



That nose carries over into the flavor carriage of the vapor. Visually, this vapor is not precisely what I would describe as shocking — it’s closer to ‘sufficient.’ I don’t expect anyone to win cloud chasing competitions with Vendetta — but there are liquids made specifically for that purpose, and frankly, I would consider a flavor this good to be wasted on hot dogging, anyway.

That said, the visual vapor output here is excellent for a non-competition liquid. It’s big without being obnoxiously big, sporting a dense, thick core and lots of volume surrounded by a big fluffy character that dissipates into a whole lot of lace. And let’s get back to that flavor carriage, because without a hint of a tobacco profile, what you get is dark, dark grape — from the brandy — and then the sweetness of vanilla and, surprisingly, even a tart hint of that berry. I have had — and I have every expectation that you’ll get the same — effusive compliments on this scent from nonsmokers.


Throat Hit

An amendment on that earlier note on my testing regime for this liquid — I typically drip 6mg liquid. That said, even 3mg Cotto’s Revenge — even in a clearomizer like the Kanger Subtank Mini — provides eminently satisfying throat hit. I have no Earthly idea how it accomplishes that. At this nicotine strength, with such a minimal PG presence, I should expect it not to. And yet, somehow, it does, even with the AFC on the Kanger Subtank dialed in for maximum airflow.

It comes along in a sweet little linear progression, right from the beginning of the inhale, strongest at the end. It’s not a thump, but it’s only just a breath shy of that. It’s a beautiful little push that gets stronger the deeper you inhale. I can easily envision myself stepping for 6mg down to 3mg with Cotto’s Revenge liquids, and I’d be happy to do it.



On the inhale, the very first note that comes through is a well aged brandy, and I’m not talking any bottom shelf swill brandy, either. I get Hennessey Paradis dancing on the taste buds, and its dance partner is a tart and tangy berry flavor which I must assume to be Acai only because I’ve never tasted real Acai berry. But as absolutely dead-bang accurate as the brandy is, my confidence that Cotto’s Revenge nailed that stands at a solid 100%.

On the exhale, that rich, sweet vanilla cream follows the brandy and berry out the door with a sweet smile that has me grinning and waiting for the flavor’s next grand entrance immediately.



Do I recommend Vendetta? One hundred percent, unreservedly. At $20, give or take on account of tax and/or shipping, you bet I do. I’ve had some liquids from some of the most exclusive, expensive, hard-to-get lines there are — you don’t have to wait until “the next batch” or blow forty bucks looking for the best, though. Cotto’s Revenge is ready and waiting, and by all the saints and angels, if you love the best, you owe it to yourself to get your hands on a bottle of the best today.

You can get your hands on Vendetta, and on the rest of the Cotto’s Revenge lineup, for $19.99 per 30ml at Giant Vapes right now.

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