Friend Or Faux: Professor Denny’s Lemon Meringue



It’s always a great pleasure for me to introduce a new liquid from a local creator, and I have that pleasure once again this morning with this review of the recently released newcomer to the Friend or Faux Quality E-Liquids line, Professor Denny’s Lemon Meringue.

Professor Denny’s Lemon Meringue was graciously provided for the purpose of review by Andrew Douglas Hood, and I’d like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude for that.

My bottling arrived in 6mg nicotine strength, with a listed PG/VG ratio of 70 VG / 30 PG. It was tested in two different atomizing devices; first on a 0.3 ohm dual coil build in the Infinite CLT Version 2 rebuildable dripping atomizer at 55 watts (4.5 volts). Second, in the Kanger Subtank Mini outfitted with Kanger’s premade 0.5 ohm Organic Cotton Coil atomizer heads, at 19.5, 22, and 23.5 watts.

The bottling for Friend or Faux Quality E-Liquids has received a significant upgrade since I last reviewed the line. Where previously the liquids arrived in compact 30ml bottles very reminiscent of old time medicine bottles of dark amber glass, sans dripper caps, they now arrive in bottles of green glass with a more conventional shape and with dripper caps. The label layout and colors remain unchanged.


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At the forefront of Professor Denny’s Lemon Meringue is that first sniff — it comes to the nose with a fully rounded yet robust sum total of lemon meringue. The tartness of lemon rides atop a smooth wave of creamy meringue, yet at the trailing end of the scent is the slight savor of buttery pie crust.

Visual vapor production with this liquid is solid and beautiful from the Subtank Mini, but from an RDA, particularly on a build of between 0.3 and 0.5 ohms, it’s just about overwhelming — in the best possible way. We’re talking big, billowing clouds.

Additionally, the projection and persistence of the flavor carriage in the vapor are also strong, particularly the persistence. A session vaping this liquid will impart the scent of lemon meringue to a small- to medium-sized room within minutes, and the scent will linger for a few minutes after the session is over. Thankfully, because there isn’t the slightest hint of a tobacco note to the scent, you’ll get compliments and curious inquiries from nonsmokers rather than complaints.

One thing to note with this liquid is that, as is generally the case on any RDA, opening the airflow wide will produce immense vapor while closing it down somewhat concentrates the flavor and throat hit. So, closing down the airflow from wide open to halfway, and dialing the wattage from 55 down to 45 to compensate, we move on to the throat hit:

At 6mg and 45 watts on a 0.3 ohm build, this flavor delivers stellar throat hit — rapid and forceful without being harsh or abrupt. Throat hit is a solid thump but padded enough to be satisfying and comfortable simultaneously.

The flavor is perfectly worthy of the name Friend or Faux. On the inhale, the tangy richness of lemon meringue just sings on the tongue. On the exhale, the pie crust comes in with buttery and grain/cereal notes to round out the full lemon meringue pie experience.

This is a beautifully crafted vape and, in my opinion, is fully deserving of a place in the rotation of any vaper who likes a rich but smooth lemon dessert flavor.


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At the time of this writing, the only place you can get Professor Denny’s Lemon Meringue is in your nearest Butt Out retail location. Those are:


Butt Out Phoenix

708 E Virginia Ave, Phoenix

9a-7p Mon-Fri

11a-7p Sat., Sun. 

(602) 354-3672


Butt Out Mill

401 S Mill Ave, Tempe

11a-10p Mon-Thurs, 11a-12a Fri & Sat

12p-6p Sun

(480) 968-6279

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