Valor Vapor — Another Heavy Hitter From The Valley Of The Sun

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I. Love. Local vendors. You all know that by now. I’ve said it before, and I hope I get the chance to say it again. The Phoenix Metro has probably the highest concentration of eliquid makers anywhere in the U.S.

They all kick excellent butt, and they’re all in my back yard.

New Method, Friend or Faux, Bradley’s Brand, Butt-Out, and now…

And now…

Valor Vapor. Finally. I finally get to review Valor Vapor. I first expressed interest in reviewing this line back when I met the founder, the lovely Natalie Higgins, back in ’14, at a local meetup where I got quite a bit beyond just sociable, thanks to a few mixed drinks of whiskey-and-cider. Man, don’t mix whiskey and cider if you want to keep your feet under you and your head on straight, tell you what.

Tell you another thing, for you TL;DR types: keep reading. You want to know about this lineup.


Testing Notes

These juices were tested in the Infinite CLT 2 running a 0.3 ohm single coil at 55.5 watts on the IPV Mini II, and believe me, these juices were all just made for drippers and sub-ohm tanks at 20% PG / 80% VG. I cannot strongly enough recommend them for those devices. If you build to between 0.3 and 0.5 ohms, you are going to get the very most flavor out of these juices, and these flavors are so good, you’re going to want every little bit of them; every note, every nuance.



The presentation of these juices is very reminiscent of that from Hurricane Vapor — but that’s not to say it’s derivative, not in the least. Where you’ll find similarity is in the shape of the bottling — like Hurricane Vapors, these are square, clear glass bottles.

But that’s where the similarity ends.

The labeling on Valor Vapor bottles is a clean black background on which appears, front and center, the company name. Underneath that, the name of the juice in the bottle.

Rotate the bottle counterclockwise and you see a nic strength matrix ranging from 0 (zero), 6, 12, 18mg in strength, further marking these as liquids purpose-made for sub-ohm drippers and tanks. Rotate back to center and then clockwise, as you’ll find the standard nicotine warming and a brief list of ingredients.

In all, a very classy and svelte design for labeling. I very much enjoy the sight of these bottles on my desk, and I believe you will, too.


Barrel Roll

The nose on barrel roll is rich. That’s the first sense you get of this juice. Crack open that cap, lift it up, lean in, and get a good whiff — rich. That’s what comes through the nose, along with — as of this particular batch — dark, robust tobacco and sweet butterscotch.

Drip this liquid into your rebuildable of choice, or fill up your favorite sub-ohm tank, and fire it up. The first instant of that inhale, you’ll get that butterscotch. Then the throat hit comes on, good and quick and strong. The exhale brings out that robust cavendish tobacco, blended superbly with that lasting butterscotch sweetness, along with a cloud that’s thick and luxurious.

This is a vape I’d advise for all day status, but particularly as a dessert vape. Good enough for all day but best after dinner.


Maui Wowi

Cracking open the bottle of Maui Wowi, the first thing that greets my nose is a blast of sweet, tangy fruit. I get hints of citrus and berries, melon adding some backing vocals to the chorus.

Dropping a generous squirt of this liquid into the CLT 2 and then firing her up, that first inhale delivers an eye-popping flavorscape that delivers on the nose and so much more.

This is a vape for a hot day out on the porch, patio, or balcony, no doubt about it. If you dig fruit vapes, this one is for you from tip to hilt. It also delivers big, fluffy clouds, but don’t waste it on cloud comps — you’ll want to savor this flavor.


Monkey Nuts

Let me preface this one by saying the following: I don’t dig banana based flavors. Now let me contradict myself by saying this: I. Freaking. Love. This flavor.

The mixologists over at Valor Vapor did what I thought was impossible — they made a banana nut bread flavor, and they nailed it.

The inhale on this richly flavored liquid is like coming to grandma’s house, and that’s in the best possible way. You get the sweetness of banana cream and the savory, buttery notes of bread with — not sure, I’m guessing here — but I pick up just the faintest trace of almonds. This liquid is just stunning in its note-for-note recreation of banana nut bread.

If you want a dessert vape that’s going to feel like it’s adding pound while it doesn’t add an ounce — this, ladies and gentlemen, is the one.



Ohhhhh, friends, if you love fruit blends, you are going to lose your minds over this one. Crack that bottle open and take a good long whiff of Paradise, and it’s a bombastic blast of fruit cocktail that’ll put you on your heels.

The first thing I get is sultry sweet white peach swiftly followed by a tart fusion of mango, guava, and jackfruit.

Firing it up in the atty, I get the same, but there are other, even more exotic, notes that I can’t quite put a finger to. Is it a touch of grape? Is it raspberry? I don’t know — I won’t guess — but whatever it is, it all adds up to one damn fine summer time vape!


Yoshi Goo

Yoshi Goo. Good lord. When I saw the name on the bottle, I damn near cringed. I know what a Yoshi is. I know what Goo is. Goo from a Yoshi? I didn’t know what to expect.

But I sure as hell couldn’t have guessed what I’d get when I took a whiff of that nose — it’s another sweet, tart fruity profile, but this one is slightly sweeter than Paradise, minus that menthol spark of Maui Wowi.

I’d almost classify this one as an after dinner dessert alternate for Barrel Roll or Monkey Nuts, but for those who love a sweet fruit vape. The inhale is all about the sweetness of peach and kiwi, while that throat hit kicks you into the exhale, where the tartness of pomegranate and blackberry round the whole experience out to perfection.


Recommendation & Conclusion

It took me a year longer than I expected before I got to review this lineup, and I am so glad the opportunity finally came around. Valor Vapor is another heavy hitter from the Valley of the Sun, and if you know what’s good for you, you’ll sample their offerings and add one or five to your regular rotation. They’re that good.

You can get them for $20.00 (plus S&H) by the 30ml from! Just navigate to Shop->ejuice->Premium ejuice.

As always, thanks for reading, please be sure to support this site, and be good to yourselves and each other!

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