Bradley’s Brand – Five CBD Liquids Reviewed

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This review is coming a lot later than I had originally intended it to. Technical difficulties factor heavily into that. But now, here we are with the latest offering from a vendor local to me, and I think you all must know by now how much I love local liquids.

This time, our subject is a first on these pages — both the company and the specific type of liquid I’ll be reviewing.  All five of the liquids up for review today are CBD liquids from The Bradley’s Brand. Well, that much is right above the door there — so perhaps I’d better explain, briefly, just what that means.



What Is CBD?

CBD is an abbreviation of the word Cannabidiol. So what’s Cannabidiol? There are plenty of very thorough explanations offered by other sources, but here it is in my own words, the way I understand it — but first, the question that’s probably at the forefront of your mind right at this moment:


“Is it legal?!”

Yes, provided it’s derived from industrial hemp — which it is for Bradley’s Brand eliquid.


Now back to my basic explanation: There are two primary active compounds in cannabis: THC is the one most people are familiar with, because its effects are the more noticeable and pronounced when one smokes cannabis. THC is the compound that makes you feel “high”. CBD, on the other hand, is the compound which keeps you grounded. It’s the compound that, in short, keeps you from losing your mind. So when I tell people that I’m trying out a CBD eliquid, the first question they ask — universally — is: “Does it get you high?”

No. CBD eliquid will not get you high. Actually, in my experience, the effect of vaping CBD eliquid is very similar to that of vaping nicotine-infused eliquid, but somewhat more profound: Relaxation, a very deep and strong mellowing effect, intense stress relief. The biggest difference between the two, in my experience, is that CBD eliquid tends not to have the same stimulant effect on me that nicotine eliquid has.

When I vape in the morning, I find that nicotine eliquid wakes me up almost as well as a cup of coffee. If I vape nicotine liquid late at night, I tend to stay up later. CBD eliquid, on the other hand, is what I reach for at the end of the day when I’m stressed out, or during the day if I’ve just encountered a really, really infuriatingly frustrating situation, or at night when I want to soothe myself into being ready for bed.



Testing Notes

These five liquids were tested on a 0.8 ohm single coil in the Infinite CLT V2 rebuildable dripping atomizer. The CLT2 was powered at 30 watts on the IPV Mini II variable-wattage APV (reviewed <LINK>here</LINK>.



Common Characteristics

As is true of almost any lineup of liquids that share their PG/VG ratios and nicotine (or in this case CBD) content, these five liquids have some performance characteristics in common. And, as usual, I’ve elected to present those common characteristics in one place rather than rehash them for each liquid. Makes for more efficient writing for me, quicker reading for you.

All five of these liquids sport a PG/VG ratio of 20% PG, 80% VG. Additionally, all five of these liquids are entirely nicotine-free. Zero nicotine. However, they also have, all of them, 30mg of Cannibidiol per 15ml bottle.

Performance-wise, each liquid has these characteristics in common:


-Thick liquid which is clear in hue.

-Vivid nose which is accurate to its respective product description while being completely free of any vegetal or soy notes

-Excellent throat hit, surprising for a low-PG, zero-nic liquid

-Full-bodied visual vapor, though likely not cloud competition level

-Scent carriage in the vapor shows good projection (strong, identifiable scent) but little or no persistence (scent doesn’t last long)

-Strong, smooth flavor, again with no detectable traces of the vegetal flavor usually associated with CBD or the soy flavor associated with the soy binding agent used in other CBD products




The Bradley’s Brand CBD line is packaged in 15ml clear glass bottles with child-resistant pipette (“dripper”) caps. The label features a cream-colored background. In the center of the label, the line’s logo appears as a circle bisected by a diagonally oriented ribbon. Each juice in the lineup is marked by a ribbon of a different color — purple for ‘Gummiberri’, for example, or gold for ‘Golden Jubilee’. The name ‘Bradley’s Brand’ appears within the circumference of the circle, at the top, while the name of the juice appears in white text within the colored ribbon, while the text, ‘With Hemp CBD’ appears beneath the ribbon.

Rotating the bottle counterclockwise will take you to the brief but thorough list of ingredients, and a word about usage — adults only. Rotating the bottle back the other way to the opposite margin of the label reveals the company’s description for the product.




Cafe Duo

The Bradley’s Brand says: There are few pleasures in life more satisfying than a mug of very good coffee. How does one surpass it when it comes to gorgeous, rich flavor, for the alertness and relaxation it imparts? Without wishing to seem immodest, we believe we’ve found a way. We call it Café Duo. Rich dark roast coffee is deftly blended with sweet vanilla cream and decadent dark chocolate, then infused with the highest quality natural CBD to deliver a delicious coffee vape you can enjoy morning, evening, or any time at all.”


In the bottle, Cafe Duo is entirely clear in hue. The 80% VG composition is easily discernible in a rotation test, where this liquid’s thickness displays itself in a clean, flat horizon with a strong ripple pattern — a characteristic shared by all four of its line-mates.

Opening the bottle and getting a good inhale of the nose of this liquid, I was actually surprised to discover the complete absence of any vegetal or soy notes, something I had been confronted with on the nose of other CBD liquids I had tried in the past.

Instead, what you get is dark roast coffee first and foremost, backed up by a strong, sweet fusion of the cream and dark chocolate the description speaks of.

The vapor carries that scent, as well, and while projection is good, persistence of the scent is almost nonexistent. That’s not a bad thing at all — you won’t get any complaints even from those who do smell what you’re vaping. The point I think I’m making about the lack of persistence is this: Hardly anyone will smell what you’re vaping should they walk into the room a minute or so after your last cloud. And with an 80% VG component, this liquid will bust some clouds. Nothing earth-shattering, but quite satisfactory for the casual vaper.

With such a high VG percentage and no nicotine, I expected throat hit to be absent; I was pleasantly surprised to learn that I had guessed wrong. The way I vape should be mentioned, because it factors into this: my preferred atomizing device is a rebuildable dripping atomizer, and my preferred style of vaping with rebuildable dripping atomizers is to open up that airflow halfway or wider, bump the wattage up as far as the coil and battery will support, and then take big, deep lung hits.

While that maximizes clouds and enables a quicker nicotine or CBD effect, it brings with it a slight tradeoff in flavor and throat hit.

This liquid still hit the mark for me on throat hit. In fact, vaping it that way, I got just the kind of throat hit I like — a smooth linear progression rather than an abrupt ‘thump.’ By the time I hit the bottom of the lung hit, I had a powerful throat hit with zero harshness — another characteristic common to all five of these liquids.

The flavor was another pleasant surprise in a couple of ways. Firstly through vividness, which I am still learning I can expect from really well made juices even if they do have a low PG presence. Secondly when the flavor, like the nose, came through with no trace of vegetal or soy notes. On the inhale, I get the rich, sweet cream and chocolate. On the exhale, the coffee shines through to the finish with that slight bitterness of a bold dark roast domestic blend.


This is a flavor I highly recommend for an after dinner or late evening time where you really crave the flavor of coffee but not necessarily its keep-you-up-all-night effects.



Fruit Basket

The Bradley’s Brand says: Nothing says natural satisfaction quite like this combination of summer time flavors. Crisp red apple meets delicious watermelon meets sweet, smooth strawberry to bring a refreshing smoothness to even the hottest, most hectic day, and nothing beats this vape as the perfect companion in the cool of the evening.”


Cracking the lid and inhaling the scent of Fruit Basket, it takes me a few tries to get all of what’s in the description — but it is all there. I also pick up hints of Concord grape, but that might just be me.

The vapor on Fruit Basket seems to be fuller than that of Cafe Duo, and I’m not entirely sure why that would be, except as it relates to the throat hit. I find that I can pull in slightly bigger hits of Fruit Basket before I hit that satisfaction threshold from the throat hit, and that’s probably the reason why I exhale bigger clouds with this juice.

Flavor projection in the vapor is more mellow and harder to identify as something someone is vaping, while persistence remains minimal.

The flavor, too, is quite mellow if one is vaping with airflow wide open. Closing the airflow to about 1/3rd of the way open boosted flavor potency significantly.

On the inhale, the apple and watermelon are the strongest, providing a powerful tangy tartness. On the exhale, things sweeten up nicely thanks to that strawberry, and again I get that ghost of grape waaaaay back on the edge of the flavor.


This is one of the best fruit medley type flavors I’ve had in recent memory, and with the heat of summer really putting the swelter on, incredibly refreshing as well.



Golden Jubilee

The Bradley’s Brand says: How do you make one of the best desserts even better? Deliver it in a form you can take along and enjoy any time. That’s our Golden Jubilee. Delicious, plump Georgia peaches lovingly coated in three distinctive sweet, rich creams and skillfully infused with all natural CBD for the ultimate delicious and deeply satisfying dessert vape.”


The nose on Golden Jubilee would tell you what to expect even if you had never seen the description. Or even the label. The nose here is strong with juicy peaches. Absolutely unmistakable.

The flavor, additionally, is spot-on accurate. This isn’t a peach-“like” flavor, all sweetness and no tang — this is the real deal. Flavor is consistent from the inhale into the exhale and all the way to the finish. The sweetness that’s in this flavor is from vanilla cream, and it’s a much easier to pick up the cream in the flavor than in the nose — in the nose, the tang is pronounced, but smooths out very, very nicely on the palate.


Pure dessert with this one, but it brings such a smooth blend of tangy and sweet that it just might strike you as an all-day vape.




The Bradley’s Brand says: How can a flavor this amazing and intense deliver such gorgeous relaxation? We kick it off with a proprietary blend of sweet summertime fruit, then kick it up a notch with a jolt of sour lemon. Your tongue will tingle and your taste buds will dance, but we don’t stop there. We also blend in soothing and all-natural CBD of the highest quality to calm the nerves while it awakens the mind.”


It’s pretty easy to guess which flavor Gummiberri is recreating — but unless you look closely at that description, your first guess might be wrong.

The nose gives the next strong hint — this isn’t the plain, sweet gummy candy you’re about to taste. It’s the sour gummy candy, the kind frosted with the little flavor crystals. It comes through loud and clear in the nose, and even more tall and proud in the flavor.

I actually found myself dialing the airflow back out a little with this one, because the flavor is potent enough to support it. Flavor is consistently dominated by that tart/sour note of the lemon, with the fruit medley decidedly playing backup. This holds true from the inhale, through the exhale and leaving on the brisk, short finish.


Another nice blending of sweet and sour. This is the one to turn to when your sweet tooth needs a lesson in getting along with sour.



Purple Nurple

The Bradley’s Brand says: Ever had a purple nurple? Would you have described it as invigorating? You will once you try our Purple Nurple! Perfectly blending three crisp summer fruit flavors yields a foundation that will remind you of your favorite energy drink — but we don’t stop there. We blast that combo with Concord grape to give it a smooth sweetness, then infuse it with the highest-quality CBD to deliver a vape that will wake your senses and soothe your soul.”


This one is, I have to say, my personal favorite of the five. Opening up that cap and getting a good whiff of the nose on this liquid, I definitely get that energy drink vibe the description mentions, but a specific one — it won’t give you wings, and you won’t feel like a Monster (ahem…) but you just might feel like a RockStar.

Still, it’s that sweet grape that’s dominant, with the energy drink -like fusion in the near background. On the inhale, this remains the case, though the other fruits fade in for the exhale-int-long-finish.


This one has taken its place in my rotation as an all day vape. There’s just no wrong time for this liquid and I to have some quality time together. See if you don’t feel the same way about it.



Recommendation & Conclusion

Whether you’ve never heard of CBD before or already know about its health benefits and relaxation/stress-reducing effects but haven’t tried Bradley’s brand before, this lineup is, in my opinion, absolutely worth the investment in time and money to introduce yourself to.

As an alternative to nicotine for relaxation and stress relief alone, I’ve been very pleased with CBD; as someone who has tried other CBD based eliquids (which were more expensive and of lower quality than those reviewed here), Bradley’s is the company to buy from.

You can get these liquids for $29.99 per 15ml from here.


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