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What is mind-mapping? The funny thing is, most people already know — even if only instinctively. Mind-mapping is just a relatively new name for a very old practice, one that starts with scribbling notes and doodles on scraps or sheets of paper, even on napkins in restaurants.

So why do so many of us use it? Most people organize ideas either visually or by location. The mind, during the process of creating or organizing ideas, will place Concept 1 “over here” and Concept 2 “over there” in discreet locations in imaginary space as a means of keeping their components distinct and tidy.

At the same time, Concept 1 and Concept 2 have a relationship, so the mind links them; meanwhile, both concepts may have subconcept A, B, and so on, and each main concept may also produce child concepts, or share a parent concept.

You can see why, simply written, this idea can rapidly become quite complex. So let me re-illustrate the above in a more natural way:

Example Scap


See how much easier that is to explore and digest? That’s what mind-mapping is for.

Read the rest here.

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