Why I HAVE upgraded to El Capitan

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Author’s note: I realize that my blog has been silent for some time now; nearly a month. That ends today. Hello. I’m back.

Some months ago, I said that I would not be upgrading to OSX 10.11 “El Capitan.” But time rolls on — so does software. I could have elected to get stuck in the past on a no-longer-supported application like TotalFinder. I loved TotalFinder for the ease and efficiency it brought to my file management workflow. But here’s the thing — every software application you own will be obsolete eventually. That’s a hard and fast rule, and I tried to buck that rule, but that’s not how it works. TotalFinder is obsolete. I can’t change that.

I can adapt. And so I have.

Meet TotalFinder’s replacement:

If you use OSX, and if you like what I’ve shown you in Path Finder (and you should) you can get Path Finder for $39.99 from Cocoatech.

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