Save The Cat! Template For Scrivener – 2015 Edition

New Template   This morning, I’m pleased to announce the release of an updated and annotated template for Literature & Latte’s Scrivener based on the Save The Cat! story structure developed by one of the greats of screenwriting, Blake Snyder. About the Template: The 2015 edition of this template is selected when you open a new Project in the fiction category, as shown here: Selecting The Template It comes with plot sequences and turning points already laid out for you in a three-act structure, and each sequence and turning point is annotated in the Synopsis portion of its index card to  describe the function of each plot sequence or turning point, as shown here: Annotations In Card Synopses The Save The Cat! template is known to work with Scrivener 2.7 for OS X, but also works just as well on Scrivener for Windows. How to install your purchased template: Refer to the first screen shot, above. On the template selection window, click Options in the lower left corner. From the drop-down menu, select Import Templates. Then navigate to your Downloads folder and double click your purchased template — Scrivener will do the rest and you’ll be ready to begin writing in no time! Get your copy here for $2.99

Update: Because this template was created on Scrivener 2.7 for OS X 10.11 “El Capitan”, some functionality of the template file may be lost when it is opened on Scrivener 1.9 for Windows. Specifically, the scene and sequence annotations may not appear in the index card synopses. A workaround has now been included in the package available for purchase. The purchase now includes both a native .scrivtemplate file and a .scriv / .zip file which opens a non-template Scrivener project containing the same data.

To install it as a fully Windows compatible Scrivener template, Windows users should open Scrivener, navigate to their Downloads folder, and Open the downloaded file, then go to:

File->Save As Template

Update 2: After some technical difficulties, an issue with Payhip has been resolved. Thank you to all the readers who reminded me, and I’m happy to let you all know that it’s working properly once again.

H/T to user Calvin Beam for pointing out the problem and testing the workaround. Thank you, Calvin.


  • I imported the template and created a new project but I don’t see the annotations with the index cards. I’m using Windows 8 and Scrivener 1.90.


  • Hi John ,

    Thanks for the good work. I have your earlier template titles Screenplay – BS2.
    Just wanted to know whether these are the same or updated (if so what are the updates?)

    Thanks in advance


    • John Castle

      Hi. This is an updated version created principally for Scrivener version 2.7 on OS X 10.11 “El Capitan”, though there is a Project (rather than template) version available for Scrivener for Windows version 1.9 as well as workaround instructions for that platform available at the same link.

      As well as being a compatibility update, this version includes annotations. What do I mean by that? Each story beat, in the Index Card view, has a synopsis which explains its purpose in the story.

      And, finally, rather than 4 distinct templates, everything has been streamlined into a single template suitable for short stories, novels, or screenplays — up to you.


  • Also what do the fields primary foil and primary driver signify?


    • John Castle

      That’s an excellent question, and kudos to you for noticing the metadata fields! (I hadn’t realized that metadata would be included in the template!)

      Rather than use “Protagonist” and “Antagonist” in the metadata fields, since your main Protagonist won’t *always* be the character driving every single scene or sequence, I use the term Primary Driver. Your Primary Driver may not be the hero of your story — it could even be your Antagonist in a Kick The Cat scene. Likewise, that character’s opposite in any given scene might not be your principal Antagonist.

      So the Primary Driver is the character pushing that scene forward. Your Primary Foil is the character resisting your Primary Driver *in that scene.

      In fact, the Primary Driver and Primary Foil need not necessarily even be sentient characters at all.

      Your hero’s sidekick needs to get across town but her car won’t start?

      The sidekick is the Primary Driver. The car is the Primary Foil.

      Does that make sense?


      • Hi, I just purchased the new template. the metadata fields are empty. Also, I am not sure about annotations. Isn’t the synopsis view the same as before? Not sure what’s new.


  • John Castle

    Hi, Sankalp. If annotations aren’t showing for you, check your download — you should have received two files. One is the Template; the other is a (mostly) blank Scrivener project based on that template.

    If the template doesn’t show the annotations or metadata fields, open the project instead — once you’ve opened it, navigate the menu like so:

    File -> Save As Template.

    This is a known issue with the template’s compatibility with the Windows version of Scrivener.

    If you accidentally deleted the blank project version, email me at


  • I’ve attempted to purchase your template several times, but the PayPal settings say you can’t accept payments. Is this still available? Thanks.


  • I get this message on checkout (before logging into PayPal:

    Paypal Error
    This Paypal account is restricted.

    This message means that your PayPal account is restricted, and you need to remove the restrictions to accept payments. This can be resolved if you login to your Paypal account and follow the relevant instructions. Or by contacting your PayPal account manager for resolution.


  • PayPal won’t let me pay you. It says the account is restricted. I really wanted this template, too.


    • John Castle

      It should work by following the link to the Payhip site and paying through them.


      • That’s what I’m doing. I follow the link above to Payhip. Add it to the cart and click “Continue to Paypal.” Then I get the error “This Paypal account is restricted.” I tried in both Chrome and IE.

        I was able to send $3 through the donate button. I hope you can email it to me based on that. I included my email address with the donation.


  • Yeah, I’m getting the “PayPal account is restricted” error as well on both my Macbook and desktop PC. You might want to consider hosting the template on Gumroad. Mush easier to pay and ou can still use Paypal.


    • John Castle

      I’ll look into Gumroad, and also MyShopify. Thanks for the suggestion. I looked into it and found the problem — Payhip is connected to the wrong Paypal email address. If you use as the Paypal address, and send me an email letting me know the payment came from you, I’ll personally email you a copy of the template. Sorry for the inconvenience.


  • Would really love this template! But, I just tried to purchase and got the same message saying this Paypal Account is restricted and it won’t accept payments. Did you ever manage to resolve this issue or is there a workaround?


    • John Castle

      I looked into it and found the problem — Payhip is connected to the wrong Paypal email address. If you use as the Paypal address, and send me an email letting me know the payment came from you, I’ll personally email you a copy of the template. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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