Path Finder 7 Feature Overview: FolderSync




As I continue to explore Path Finder, I continue to find new features to love about it. Many of you will no doubt be familiar with cloud services such as iCloud Drive and Dropbox, and are aware that as long as your Mac is connected to the internet, these cloud services automatically sync and back up the contents of their dedicated folders on your machine.

What if I told you that Path Finder 7 will allow those folders — and any two folders on your machine — to sync with each other and, by chaining either to a folder on an external drive, with your local offline-accessible drives as well? Triple-redundant backup. That’s just one of the uses of FolderSync, but in my book, it’s a damn powerful use all by itself.

Take a look:


You can get Path Finder 7 for for $39.99 from Cocoatech

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