The Uwell Crown Sub-Ohm Tank



The Uwell Crown Sub-Ohm Tank


It’s been quite a while now since I had a new vapor product to review. So it brings me great pleasure, this morning, to cover the Uwell Crown sub-ohm tank. There’s a lot going on here, so let’s dive right in.


Simply stated, the list of features on this device is extensive. Let’s take it from top to bottom.

The drip tip is nice and wide at the top, but the inside of the barrel tapers toward the bottom. Where fit is concerned, it’s a standard 510 drip tip — meaning that your favorite 510 drip tip is compatible with the Uwell Crown.

Moving down, the top cap of the Crown unscrews to allow top filling. That’s right — this tank will fill from top or from the bottom, making it possible to refill your Crown without removing it from your mod. (It should be noted, however, that filling from the top requires greater patience and precision, as the “support” structure in the top provides a shade less room for your dropper to really get in there.)

Further down, we have a quartz glass tank, which is a material improvement over pyrex. Quartz is reported to be more heat- and impact-resistant than pyrex, although I’m not fat enough in the wallet to be brave and test those claims.

Moving down further still, we come to the AFC (air flow control) ring. Personally, I’m very impressed by it. It protrudes a bit more from the base than I’m accustomed to from my last sub-ohm tank, the Kanger Subtank Mini. It also sports a very pronounced, very grippy texture that makes adjusting it easy, in addition to a very smooth movement and deep, tactile stops for each of the air flow settings.

Finally, we come to the coils. Uwell includes three coil heads, in total, in the box: One 0.5 ohm dual vertical coil head, one 0.25 ohm dual vertical coil head — both of which feature stainless steel coils wicked with Japanese organic cotton — and finally a 0.15 ohm Ni200 coil head for variable-temperature devices. (As my only mod at this time is an IPV II Mini, I won’t be able to evaluate the VT coil.)

(Note on coils which employ organic cotton wick: It is extremely important that, before you use such a coil, you prime the wick by saturating it with liquid. Organic cotton can and will burn if dry-fired.)

Build Quality and Appearance:

Original uwell crown atomizer tank chonghean 1511 14 chonghean 25

The build quality of the Uwell Crown is extremely impressive. Out of the box, I saw no signs of burrs or machine oil. Aesthetically, it tends toward a utilitarian, almost industrial, approach which strikes me as very masculine. If you’re looking for something that exudes “sleek” or “smooth”, the Crown may not be to your taste, visually. You’re unlikely to see this tank in cyan or purple. (It is, however, available in Steel and in Black.)


This tank has, so far, delivered unparalleled performance, due primarily to its high-quality coil heads. Additionally, it’s possible to use the Crown as a rebuildable tank atomizer thanks to an optional RBA head. (More about that below in the “Price and Value” section.)

Using the 0.5 ohm dual vertical coil head with the airflow open by 2 detentes and powering it at 45 watts, I get a warm vape with intense flavor, strong throat hit, and respectable cloud production from Crentia’s “Clay Westwood” eliquid (Review forthcoming) which boasts a 50/50 PG/VG blend.

So, overall, I’m extremely pleased with the performance of this device.

Price and Value

At a regular price of $31.00 USD (Current sale price $28.95 at MyVaporStore), the Crown is one hell of a good deal. However, the RBA kit is an option — an extra — and it will set you back an additional $11.95 ($10.99 sale price). With the pre-made coil heads running only $13.95 for a 4-pack — that’s only $3.48 per head — and with the premade heads reportedly lasting a month each, the RBA kit really does take a back seat as a purely optional product.

Recommendation and Conclusion

With the Crown getting high marks from most reviewers, I don’t think I’m about to tell you anything right here that you haven’t been told (or would be told) by just about everyone else.

Yes, I absolutely recommend the Uwell Crown. At this price point, I had expectations of a middle-of-the-road but decent performer. But the hype is true; every word of praise this device has been getting, it has absolutely deserved. And for a price as reasonable as this, you just can’t go wrong.

Thanks for reading, thanks for watching, and as always: Do good work, and be good to yourselves and each other.

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  • Mary Shoemaker

    Great review.. The use of quartz instead of Pyrex is a plus.. I only have experience with a kanger Subox mini tank and it hasn’t shattered yet… I have it protected with some rings but I’m always super cautious with it!! Of course you see the posts everywhere that attest to the inability to sustain a drop!! I do have a tfv4 tank that I won.. But don’t have a device appropriate for it yet.. This sounds like a great tank ..will definitely keep this in mind for future needs!!! Thanks

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