Vex Vapors: 3 Eliquid Review

Vex Vapors: 3 Liquid Review


I have to say, with every new local eliquid vendor I discover, I’m impressed all over again by just how many businesses vaping has created across the country, around the world, but most importantly to me, right here in my home state of Arizona.

Today, I’m pleased to bring you a review of yet another new (to me) name: Vex Vapors. These liquids were graciously provided for the purpose of review by Michael Eastman, master mixologist. I’m looking forward to telling you all about them, so let’s get right to it.

Testing Notes

All three of these flavors were tested in the Uwell Crown sub-ohm tank outfitted with a 0.25 ohm dual-coil atomizer head and powered at 90 watts by the Wismec Presa TC100W mod.

All three flavors share a nicotine strength of 3mg; however, only 2 out of 3 share a PG/VG ratio. Code 9 and Rita’s Miracle boast a 30% PG / 70% VG ratio, while Rum Dawn comes in at 20% PG / 80% VG.


The bottling of Vex Vapors is fairly standard clear glass with a 30ml capacity, topped by a child-resistant pipette cap. The labeling is colorful but, in my opinion, a shade too minimal. The company logo appears front-and-center, with the name of the flavor in bottle just below it; turning the label just slightly counterclockwise brings you to the nicotine strength at the left-most margin. Rotating it back to the right-most margin brings you to a nicotine warning.

(Correction and addendum: Above, I describe the bottling as “clear glass” — this was an error on my part. It has been pointed out to me that the glass is actually tinted black. A second, closer look confirms this. Additionally, there is a purpose to the tinting: it’s tinted black in order to resist UV penetration of the bottle, which would oxidize the liquid and strip electrons from the nicotine within.)

A little research online will inform you of the PG/VG ratio and other information; but it’s my opinion that as it’s currently laid out, the labeling feels somehow both cluttered and less informative than it could be. (This is a matter of personal taste; your mileage may vary.)

Let’s get into the flavors:


Code 9

Opening the cap and taking in the nose, I get a big mixed fruit profile of berries and citrus. Without knowing exactly what’s involved vis a vis the individual flavors, that’s the best I can do from the nose — it’s definitely an extremely pleasant scent with just a touch of candy character.

It’s when I fire up the mod and take a good, long hit that the flavors come to the fore: the berry flavors are strongest, and although I can still only guess, I get the sweetness of blackberry, the sour of raspberry; the citrus comes through as lime. There’s kiwi in this, and on the exhale, I get a gummi bear flavor joining the lime on the finish.

Because of the high VG ratio, visual vapor production is on point. I’m not a competitive vaper, so I can’t speak to whether or not this would win contests; but it’s more than plenty for the casual vapers like myself. Flavor carriage in the vapor is good and strong, but doesn’t tend to linger. And because this is a non-tobacco and non-savory flavor, you shouldn’t hear any complaints from nonsmokers should the smell it. (In fact, I’ve heard compliments on it.)

This is an absolutely solid choice for a hot afternoon refresher.

Rita’s Miracle

The nose from Rita’s Miracle is strong with the citrus, but it also carries a few other notes I can’t quite identify just yet. To a fella like myself who has been to his share of all-night-and-into-the-next-morning parties, it reminds me of the drink called a “Screwdriver” — damn, now I’m thirsty.

The inhale on Rita’s Miracle brings a strong prickly pear flavor — if you’ve never tasted prickly pear, imagine the flavor of watermelon or raspberry, but with the gentle bite of kiwi. Starting at the midpoint and flowing through the exhale is where the citrus opens up — not just oranges (a little tart and a little sweet, so my guess is there’s actually more than one orange flavor involved here) but also pineapple and a hint of Pez candy.

Visual vapor output remains outstanding, though flavor carriage in the vapor is slightly stronger than with the other two liquids reviewed here, due to the slightly stronger PG presence here. Still, as with the other two liquids, you should hear no complaints when vaping this in mixed company.

Rum Dawn

Rum Dawn may be my favorite of the three — or at least is in heated contention with Rita’s Miracle for that spot. I love a good rum-based flavor, and there are very few of them out there. That alone wins Rum Dawn points.

Opening the cap and taking in the nose, I get tropical cocktail; I pick up banana, coconut, melon, apricot, and something else I can’t quite put my finger on. There’s also vanilla in there and what I think might be brown sugar; that would be the rum.

On the inhale, the fruit medley comes alive, and my guess is that what I couldn’t identify on the nose must be dragonfruit. On the exhale, the vanilla, coconut, and brown sugar note smooth everything out with an amazingly faithful rum character. I’ve been enjoying this one in the evenings down by the pool, (and while I read before bed.)

The visual vapor output and flavor carriage of Rum Dawn are consistent with her sister flavors. Very solid, very pleasant, and shouldn’t for any reason get you into trouble with the nonvaping public.

Price and Availability

Vex Vapors liquids are available through Valor Vapor and can be yours for the asking price of $21.99+shipping per 30ml bottle.

Recommendation & Conclusion

Do I recommend these three liquids? There is a lot of very stiff competition here in the Valley, and a lot of it happens to be in the very flavor categories Vex Vapors occupies right now.

But Vex Vapors is doing something slightly different — incorporating flavor elements like prickly pear, rum, Pez, and gummi bear that take their liquids in a different direction than anyone else’s.

For that reason, if you’re looking for something both familiar and new, something that takes old favorites in new directions, I absolutely recommend that you give Vex Vapors a try. I’m glad I did, and I think you will be, too.

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