Federal Overreach Forcing Small Businesses To Close Nationwide. Thousands Unemployed.

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Federal Overreach Forcing Small Businesses To Close Nationwide. Thousands Unemployed.

Your state has the power to stand up to the tyranny. The FDA is wiping out thousands of small businesses in the name of regulation. Large corporations will be the only companies left standing. Is it a coincidence?

A farmer builds an artificial pond on his own land to feed his livestock. He has secured all the necessary permits. His livestock have the water they need. No one is negatively impacted by the existence of the pond. His small business — his farm — is prospering. And then a regulatory agency steps in, imposing millions of dollars in fines on a small business owner, for the offense of improving the viability of his business. How does overreach like that help anyone? Whose life does it improve?

The family’s child has just begun to learn mathematics in school. His family have given him the best chance they knew how to excel. But the math problems he’s being given make no sense to his family, who were raised to perform these basic calculations efficiently and accurately. It seems almost as though the way he’s being taught is geared toward replacing accurate and efficient calculation with slow, laborious guesswork.

His family complains to the Principal, then to the school board. They are told that nothing can be done. The school has had to accept a Common Core curriculum if they want to secure their funding. The Federal government has strong-armed the school into adopting a one-size-fits-none curriculum — and the local school has little or no choice in the matter. How did a Federal agency usurp that power from local communities? Why has that power grab been allowed to persist?

A young professional is happy with his health insurance. He’s physically fit and, since he doesn’t smoke, drinks only socially, and isn’t a risk-taker, his health insurance is minimal but all he feels he needs and quite affordable. He’s healthy, happy, and covered.

And then the Federal government steps in. Now he’ll have to pay for coverage he clearly doesn’t need or want, with deductibles so high that he might as well not be insured at all, and with premiums that start higher and continue to increase year over year. His doctor won’t accept the new coverage that’s been forced on him. Every promise that was made, every promise that led him to believe this change would be a good thing, has turned out to be a lie.

And the Federal government has, of course, given itself permission for this; never mind that the laws created to restrain it from doing such things are being absolutely ignored. It has, once again, unlawfully seized the freedom of choice from the individual.

Is this a state of affairs any of us can afford to be comfortable with? Can we continue to allow regulatory agencies to strangle small businesses in favor of multinational corporations or their own bottom line? Is the American Dream only a dream?

To see what CASAA and other consumer organizations are recommending you do to fight back:

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