Two E-liquids From Squid Vape: 12-Gauge & .357


I don’t get to review e-liquids nearly as often as I’d like to; mostly, that’s because there are so few “stand-out” liquids anymore. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not because e-liquids aren’t the best they’ve ever been — quite the contrary. Most e-liquids now are so amazing that it’s hard to point to one and say, “Man, that one’s head and shoulders above the rest!”

Well, I’ve got a couple on my desk today that break that streak. 12-Gauge and .357 from Squid Vape are on a whole new level when it comes to e-liquids. I’m going to break with my old tradition of “ANVTF” and just give you the Cliff’s Notes version here.

12 Gauge is a rich, decadent whipped cream White Russian flavor with which *this* Dude abides all day long. I mean that sincerely; this is my all-day vape and has been since I received it. Just glad I got the 100ml. It’s light on coffee but strong on sweetness; basically an absolutely flawless White Russian with Kahlua and whipped cream. (Not sure where vodka fits in, since real vodka doesn’t, strictly speaking, have a flavor.)

.357 is a Strawberry Rum Punch. Not sure what else there is to say — if you’ve tasted strawberry, rum, or punch, you know what .357 tastes like. Maybe that’s what there is to say about Squid Vape’s Squid Shots, as their e-liquids are named — the flavors are flawlessly authentic, vivid, and strong. There’s not a hint of artificiality in these flavors, and they’re good and strong.

Visual vapor and throat hit are on point, as well, very much so. If there’s *one* nit to be picked, it’s that these are very, *very* thick e-liquids, so make damned sure that your atomizer is up to handling that.

Happy vaping!


Having tested these e-liquids over the long term, I have noticed one drawback to them: they are so thick that they don’t wick well, even in Squid Vapes’ own B4 Peacemaker coils. Consequently, I recommend them but only for rebuildable dripping atomizers.

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