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Extra: The Return Of “My Blood Runs Cold, Part One: Lost Souls”

After some much-needed editing, revision, and expansion, I’m pleased to announce the return of My Blood Runs Cold, Part One: Lost Souls. The expanded version takes Lost Souls to the first 10 chapters at nearly 28,000 words. Available through the following channels: Smashwords ($2.99) Amazon Kindle ($2.99) Payhip ($2.99, in Kindle-friendly MOBI format). Additionally, I’d like to thank Literature & Latte,

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The Interview: Discovering Your Character From The Outside In

The Interview: Discovering Your Characters From The Outside In Introduction: One of the things I occasionally find myself struggling with, as a writer, is characterization. Making characters distinctive can be enhanced through a few tricks — for example, dialogue idiosyncrasies — but those are only enhancements. Characters have to be fundamentally different people if they are to be believable, much less relatable.

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