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Using Scapple & Save The Cat To Put The Meat On The Bones Of Your Story

This morning’s post will be nice and quick. I’ve covered Scapple before — I’ve also covered how to employ the Save The Cat! story structure model using Literature & Latte’s other excellent app, Scrivener. So this morning, I’d like to very briefly demonstrate the power of using the Save The Cat! model with Scapple. The reason why is simple: It’s

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Save The Cat! Template For Scrivener – 2015 Edition

  This morning, I’m pleased to announce the release of an updated and annotated template for Literature & Latte’s Scrivener based on the Save The Cat! story structure developed by one of the greats of screenwriting, Blake Snyder. About the Template: The 2015 edition of this template is selected when you open a new Project in the fiction category, as

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Scrivener and Saving The Cat With Subtlety

I’ve made a lot of hay on this blog about how to use Scrivener with the Save The Cat! storycrafting method. But I’ve also noticed a trend in big budget feature films since Blake Snyder’s wonderful and powerful storycrafting model has become widely known in writing circles: Everybody is using it. And, to put it as politely as possible, not

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Scrivener and Save The Cat!: Using Metadata To Find Your Scene’s Essential Truth

The individual scene is the cell in the body of your story. But your overall story structure is the life’s blood of your scenes. Where many writers lose momentum — myself included — is finding the synergy between the cell and the blood, between the scene and the structure. Well, thanks to Scrivener and the Save The Cat! story structuring

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