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Extra: The Return Of “My Blood Runs Cold, Part One: Lost Souls”

After some much-needed editing, revision, and expansion, I’m pleased to announce the return of My Blood Runs Cold, Part One: Lost Souls. The expanded version takes Lost Souls to the first 10 chapters at nearly 28,000 words. Available through the following channels: Smashwords ($2.99) Amazon Kindle ($2.99) Payhip ($2.99, in Kindle-friendly MOBI format). Additionally, I’d like to thank Literature & Latte,

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Scrivener and Dropbox: Seamless Backup, Airtight Project Security

Scrivener And Dropbox: Seamless Backup For Airtight Project Security Introduction: I wrote my first novel when I was 19 years old. It was brilliant. It had everything. Action, comedy, horror, drama, romance. It was a tour-de-force. It took two years to write, and as I put the finishing touches on it, a power outage wiped it all away. I had

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Save The Cat! Template For Scrivener – 2015 Edition

  This morning, I’m pleased to announce the release of an updated and annotated template for Literature & Latte’s Scrivener based on the Save The Cat! story structure developed by one of the greats of screenwriting, Blake Snyder. About the Template: The 2015 edition of this template is selected when you open a new Project in the fiction category, as

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Killer Timing: Scene and Global Time Control for Stronger Narrative Flow

Introduction In a previous article, I went into some detail on the subject of pacing. I mention that because I don’t want you to be confused about the meaning of this article, which is not about pacing but, rather, timing. And, yet, pacing can affect timing, so pacing has a part of this discussion as well. So what do I

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