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I’m a writer of “high concept” fiction including horror, suspense, action/adventure, and fantasy. I’m also an ex-smoker who quit smoking through the use of Personal Vaporizers, or “electronic cigarettes”, who is striving to raise awareness of Tobacco Harm Reduction strategies and products.


  • Glen Wilson

    Hi Admin
    I am Glen Wilson. I’ve been a long term reader of your website and would love to contribute some quality content related to vaping.
    I own a little business of selling ecigs. Being in this business for so long, I develop passion in writing articles and materials related to e cigarettes, their benefits, harms everything. I recognize the need for well written content and pride myself on producing guest posts that are well formatted, and really go the extra mile.
    I noticed that you’ve recently been publishing lots of great posts. I’d love to post my articles on your site that can be proven beneficial for your audience.
    Looking forward to hear back from you,

    Best Regards,
    Glen Wilson

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  • Sorry, pressed the button too early by mistake. I would like to submit a guest post for your consideration if this was possible?




  • Hi John

    Many thanks for your message – can you let me have an email address I can contact you via?




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